Forum Membership - Why and How

The unrelenting assault on the free market, freedom of expression and private property is global and grave; and it has now even become brutal. Besides the mayhem and inept governments, business owners are also being let down by their insurance providers - at this critical time when they are needed most, insurers are reneging on the "all risk" obligations of their policies.

Rational business owners are concerned... for good reason. Is there anything that can be done to counter the threat?

Talk shops and town hall meetings, although necessary, are not enough. Action is required. Practical and real action that will protect your business and assets.

This is what the Free Market Business Forum is all about: taking action to protect what is ours. It is time to do more than talk - the time to act is now...

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Our Aims

The Free Market Business Forum provides a digital backbone, or platform, for collaboration between owner-managed businesses providing access to strategically important services and resources including a member-owned reciprocal inter-insurance exchange, as well as tools and resources for planning and managing individual business operations. This cloud-based ecosystem’s extensive functionality helps participating businesses to (1) be managed from anywhere, (2) transact with other Forum members, (3) gain access to new markets, suppliers, information and expertise, (4) claim and protect their right to trade anywhere, while hedging risks against political and societal threats, and (5) remain informed about important domestic and international news and events.

Member Benefits

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