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Why You Should Join the Forum

Faced with aggression and threats never before seen on such a global scale, against the free market, and private ownership of property, business and property owners wonder what can be done to arrest the decline. Or what they can do at the very least, to protect their own businesses and property.

Most business owners are not academics, nor politicians and often not overtly active in their own communities. They merely want to be left alone to run their business successfully, to build an inheritance for their families, and to live in peace enjoying the fruits of their labors. Talk shops, town hall meetings and the like, whilst financially supported, are seen by business owners as time-consuming distractions.

Whether we like it or not, we have to recognize that the corruption and incompetence of the state apparatus will only get worse. Businesses and business groups must therefore take control of their own futures. They must chart their own new direction that takes into consideration the failures of the state, collapse of infrastructure, and of health and judicial services. Even traditional banking systems may fail. Organised business groups must compensate for these failures by establishing their own infrastructures, commercial arbitration system, or a monetary system should this become necessary.

It is time to do more than talk - the time to act is now.

Action, when protecting what is yours - does not require violence. There is no need to take up arms and fight, nor is it necessary to uproot your home and business and relocate to Galt's Gulch. We are now in the age of the internet where online trading has become normal, where you can become an e-citizen of a country, transact using cryptocurrencies, and buy and sell products internationally.

With some aforethought and, depending on your business model, and the nature of your business transactions, your business could partially or completely operate in an alternative business-friendly ‘universe’. It could eventually become partly or completely virtual trading with other virtual businesses for real world and virtual products and services. In many cases it is not initially practical to completely divorce a business from the real world. After all, many businesses have consumers as customers, they have employees, must pay rates and taxes, and also transact with suppliers that have not yet migrated to the virtual economy.

For this purpose we have formed the Free Market Business Forum, a non-profit commonwealth of member enterprises who support the principles of a free-market economy and private-ownership of property. Our goal is to assist other advocacy groups through the use of digital technology to create a powerhouse that establishes an inclusive economic environment where like-minded members operate free and unencumbered, offering entrepreneurial opportunities, allowing the economy to flourish.

The Free Market Business Forum provides access to a cloud-based platform infrastructure, payment gateways (that also supports crypto-currency-based transacting), trading partner inclusion (supply chain linking), smart contracts, community configuration and administration functionality, safe-haven e-citizenship and banking, business operations applications, guides, methodologies, standards and other IP repositories.

Our Aims

The Free Market Business Forum provides a digital backbone, or platform, for collaboration between owner-managed businesses providing access to strategically important services and resources including a member-owned reciprocal inter-insurance exchange, as well as tools and resources for planning and managing individual business operations. This cloud-based ecosystem’s extensive functionality helps participating businesses to (1) be managed from anywhere, (2) transact with other Forum members, (3) gain access to new markets, suppliers, information and expertise, (4) claim and protect their right to trade anywhere, while hedging risks against political and societal threats, and (5) remain informed about important domestic and international news and events.

Member Benefits

By joining the forum your organization will be connecting to an open and free global marketplace of like-minded business enterprises, bringing many benefits:

Increased Revenue

Reduced Cost

Efficient Operations

Risk Hedging and Wealth Protection

Strategic Enterprise Engineering

Large multinational organisations are relatively unaffected by drastic changes in any one country. How can smaller owner-managed enterprises achieve similar ‘protection’ at much smaller cost and with little inconvenience? This requires a combination of infrastructure-in-the-cloud, decoupling as much as possible from fiat currencies, and strategically domiciling the business. To do this, you must:

In so doing your business would have:

Our founding principles

We espouse these basic principles:

  1. A free market economy that is self-regulated by the open market and by consumers, where unrestrained competition flourishes
  2. Individuals have the right to own property including the means of production and intellectual property
  3. The right to be free from state coercion, intervention and menace, regardless of how "well-intentioned" the state may (pretend to) be
  4. The right to free speech - everyone has as much the right to be offended, as they have the right to cause offence

These founding principles are the indelible credos of our community. We are committed to resist and oppose all efforts at compromise, sellout, or even the amalgamation of these ideas with fashionable political, cultural, and social doctrines inimical to their spirit. We are concerned that so-called traditional Western values, and in particular economic freedom, are seriously threatened by simpleminded ideologues who are actively seeking its destruction.

Individually we are ineffective and rather powerless. But by uniting with others who cherish economic freedom and prosperity, it is possible to establish a bastion from where we can take a stand. Membership of the Forum is open to all of like-mind, whilst specifically appealing to business owners and business collectives such as business leagues, chambers, councils, and the like.

If our principles resonate with you, and you agree with the Free Market Business Forum's principles and Code of Conduct, we would like to invite you to bring your enterprise into our fold.

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