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Could your business "run itself"? ...with the right software and services feeding the back office "engine", this is nowadays just about possible. From procurement to sales order fulfillment, to keeping the books and allowing teams to collaborate, software platforms and web services can automate business processes and help you to manage it well. The software and services offerings presented on this page have been sourced to help our members do just that - for the purpose of realizing the forum's espoused objectives.

Of course, business needs vary. But if your organization could use some help in any of the categories below, these offerings are integrated with the forum's digital platform, and are perfect for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Most of these offerings are provided at no additional cost to members.

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Business Software

Cryptocurrencies, Exchanges & Payment Gateways


Repositories, Templates & Blueprints

Widgets, Plug-ins & APIs